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Obsessed with winning an online multiplayer game? Then, this is for you

Obsessed with Video Games? Can’t stop playing that Mobile/PC MOBA or FPS game? Addicted to Vainglory, LoL, DoTA 2 or CS:GO?

If you aren’t any established professional player (or someone on the rise), but take competitive games too seriously, this short guide might help you win more matches, and more importantly, will help you enjoy each game you play.

Have you ever played so much of Vainglory or Arena of Valor games one day that you just felt sick of it? Sick of all your “bad teammates”? Sick of trying to “carry”? It’s probably gotten to a point where you’re raging at your device and pinging constantly like a little child throwing a tantrum. Are you just blazing through game after game, not thinking but just doing?

  • You let your emotions overtake your actions

Yes, you no longer think logically. Every little mistake tilts you, upsets you, makes you want to pull your hair out. You jump into battles, where you are outnumbered and you know that you won’t be able to come out alive. Your quality has gone down even though you play consistently. No longer are you playing to improve, but you are playing with a urge to finally win, hungry, tired, feeling defeated. Negative emotions would never fetch you a victory.

  • Take a break

“Well that’s obvious!” So if it’s so obvious, why can’t you do it? It all has to do with having a weak mind. You let a game, something that should take your stress away, frustrate you. It’s easy to get angry but, anger never solved any problem ever. Go take a breath of fresh air. Go workout. Live a healthy lifestyle. Hangout with friends and family. Don’t have friends? Listen to music, draw, watch YouTube videos, ect. You need to let your mind have a break as well. So, stop forcing yourself to play right now and indulge in some other hobby or pastime.

  • Your quality of life is also decreasing

If you eat poorly or our sleeping schedule is all sorts of messed up, you are easily angered. If you avoid social interactions and is mentally entrapped in your favourite game all the time (you may dislike me stating this obvious fact), you will feel low all the time, and this would, no doubt, be reflected in your gameplay.

If you’re going to eat unhealthy and not take care of yourself and your surroundings then you’ll look and think like crap. Be smart. Have a exercise plan in place, it’s a great way to de-stress and recharge your mental state.

  • Games is meant for you to enjoy

Games are not meant for you to lose your sleep over. Most people are casual players and not planning to go into the professional scene. (Having a competitive edge does not mean you want to go pro. It just means you are a normal human being who wants to win.) Experiment with any build or playstyle you want in casual games. Games are there for you to experiment with so you can have FUN. Some of us are too competitive by nature and it is a good trait, but one has to access when the competition is unhealthy.

You don’t have to win every game. If you love playing a certain champion/character in a certain role, then DO IT! No one is stopping you. The more you are having fun, more are your chances of WINNING! Even if your hero is out of meta in a certain role, it doesn’t mean it can’t work. Go in each match with a clear and positive mindset and I promise you, you’ll have more victory than loses.

By now, you must have felt that, here I have stated just the obvious, and there isn’t any other secret recipe to performing your best constantly.

So, remember the word…

Whenever your feeling tilted, just stop playing and do something else. Return to your game when you feel better!!

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Match Coverage (Story Style)- JAG vs KDM – LCK Spring Split (Week 3 Game 2)

(We are back with our second Match coverage, and this time we have brought about a number of changes. Instead of forcing our readers to go through lengthy description and in-detailed statitics, which anyone can watch on YouTube, we have tried to weave out a prose-like assessment depicting the overall strategy, with all the thrills. Please let us know your views, stating which style you liked more.)

Jin Air GreenWings (JAG) Line-up

  • SoHwan – TOP Gnar
  • UmTi – JUNGLE Jax
  • Grace – MID Ryze
  • Teddy – ADC Kalista
  • Wraith – SUPPORT Ornn

KONGDOO Monster (KDM) Line-up

  • Roach – TOP Vladimir
  • Raise- JUNGLE Kha’Zix
  • Edge – MID Zoe
  • SSol – ADC Ezreal
  • Secret – SUPPORT Braum

      The game starts with Jax claiming the red buff, with the assistance of his trusted associates, Kalista and Ornn at 1:30 minutes. Later, he claims the blue buff, with the help of the Rune Mage, Ryze. Then, at about 10 minutes, wielding the last light of Icathia, Jax challenges the cloud drake, again with the support of the specter Kalista and Ornn. But their plan is foiled by the self-assured explorer Ezreal and the beloved hero Braum. But after some time, they do succeed in silencing the drake, with Ornn pushing away Braum with his searing charge.

      Later, on the mid lane, the mischievous Zoe lands huge damage on Ryze, who is forced to fall back. But as he was weaving the recall spell, Kha’Zix tries to assassinate him, by jumping out of the nearby bush, but Ryze holds his ground, while Jax tries to round up the mutating horror. As Kha’Zix tries to escape using the various means available, the grandmaster lands the fatal blow on him by jumping over the wall, claiming the ‘first blood’ on this match. With renewed vigour, Jax approaches the Rift Herald, another monster on the Summoner’s Rift. With the help of Gnar and his faithful bonetooth boomerang, he claims the loyalty of the monster. But the KDM champions aren’t the one to sit back and leave everything to fate. Wielding powerful magic and with the assistance of the monstrous Kha’Zix, Zoe rushes down the mid lane. 

      Then at 17 minutes, Jax journeys downside to the bottom lane, and on encountering the Kha’zix again in the jungle, claims his life for the second time, with little assistance from the master craftsman Ornn. On the bottom lane, Jax calls upon the Rift Herald and releases it, giving it thr chance to prove its loyalty, which it does by bringing down the bot tower of KDM on one charge. Later, the JAG champions team-up at the dragon’s lair to silence the mountain drake. This time Kalista gets the kill with her soul-spears. At this time, on the top lane, Gnar gains an upper hand over Vladimir and almost succeed in silencing his thirst for mortal blood, but is forced to retreat, thanks to the sneaky Kha’Zix, whose loyalty to his KDM teammates is unfazed.

      The JAG champions do try their luck, one by one, to take down the top KDM tower, but Zoe stands up to protect it. She is the only one, who can stand up to the the JAG threat, and she doesn’t disappoint her teammates. This tug of war moves into the nearby jungle, where the JAG champions try to secure the Baron area for themselves, and KDM tries their best in cutting out their opponents’ vision but pulling down their wards. In this manner, KDM put the JAG people in an uncomfortable position, forcing them to proceed with caution. The tension reaches its ultimate, and a 3vs4 fight breaks off. Not one to leave his teammates alone in a battle, Gnar teleports to the battlefield to make it a balanced fight. In this ruckus, Vladimir is targeted, and in spite of using the stopwatch to gain invulnerability momentarily, Kalista’s spear doesn’t miss its hunt and brings him down. The injured JAG champions try to retreat, but KDM won’t let their fallen partner’s death go in vain. Chasing down the murderers, Ezreal silences the grandmaster Jax, while Kha’Zix succeeds in putting out the fire under the mountain, Ornn. A little later, Zoe faces the Ornn in the jungle area, and puts him into slumber again, thus,balancing the table at 3-3. Then, the cosmic messenger pushes mid and takes down their opponents’ mid tower.

      In the jungle, Jax tries to assassinate Ezreal, but is held back from dealing fatal blows, thanks to the presence of Braum and his unbreakable shield. To set right the wrong done to them, Gnar and Ryze bring down the mid tower of KDM, while Kalista chases away Ezreal from the top lane. A little later, Zoe and Kha’Zix catch up with the archmage Ryze, but his endless arcane power claims the life of Kha’Zix and puts him into the death chamber once again. But having used up most of his spells, he gets killed by Zoe, who had a very narrow escape as she could have been the one in the grave, instead of the runic mage. At this point, Ornn does try to use his ultimate ability and summon a massive elemental to crush the injured Zoe, but Braum leaps in front of her, and holds up his shield – proving that he is indeed, a true friend to all those in need.

      But the JAG too, won’t let KDM run over the map unbounded. With Ryze still recuperating, the 4 man team assemble near the baron, to plan out their further moves. But they are soon to retreat from their vantage point, as Braum approaches them, and soon enough the troublesome Zoe teleports to the nearby brush, having exchanged her flash for teleport spell. Later, Braum foils another assassination attempt on Ezreal, planned by vengeance-driven Kalista and Ornn, by holding up his trusty shield once again. Soon, with a change in objective, Jax and Gnar claim the power of the drake; staff and boomerang effective enough against the fire of a drake. Driven mad by his lust for blood, Vladimir clears up minion waves under the turret in the bot lane, fearing that a fatal attack might land on him, if he proceeds forward or if the turret falls. After all, he had seen Gnar lurking just beyond his field of vision, and knows what a creature he might become, if outraged.

      While in the jungle on the Baron side, Jax falls victim to the cute antics of Zoe and somehow runs away to safety. Thus, being weaker in number, JAG feels it to be safer to surrender this vantage point. Or did they really run away from the battlefield? Quick enough, Ryze brings down the outer top tower of KDM, while Kalista pushes close enough to their outer mid tower. KDM doesn’t want to risk losing the mid lane and so they decide to let the Baron live for the time being while they deal with this new threat first. Having the mid lane again in their control, they try taking the Baron buff once again. But, exactly at this point, JAG ambushes them. Jax’s charged staff shatters the shield of Braum claiming his life, while Gnar’s finally get to dig his teeth into Vladimir. Ryze uses his powers to banish the monstrous Kha’Zix and then, silence the mischievous Zoe, and forcing her to atone for all her wrongdoings. Already well known for his uncanny ability to find a way out of trouble, Ezreal escapes the JAG onslaught. Having chased him a bit, the JAG members focus on their ultimate motive and bring down two mid lane towers, including the inhibitor one. Instead of pushing their way into the enemy base, they decide to get the free Baron. Then, they travel to the dragon lair and slay the elder dragon, and then further proceed to bring down the inner bot tower, dealing extra damage to it, thanks to the new dragon buff. 

      Now, with the powerful hand of Baron buff, the JAG champions go along their designation lanes; Gnar on top, Ryze on mid, Kalista, Ornn and Jax on bot; leading their minion waves; with the promise to meet again at the enemy nexus. Having lost complete map control, the KDM does try to hold their ground against the enemy onslaught, from all three lanes, but their inhibitors get decimated, and they face their enemy champions, along with their super-minions surging with a monstrous purple energy (read, baron buff). In this ultimate fight on the Field of Justice, the KDM falls to the JAG, getting more or less wiped out. Final score is 11-5 (JAG-KDM).

      Verdict- First of all, KDM was in a disadvantageous position since the start, as they had only one true tank, Braum. Edge did manage to level up Zoe good enough and he dealt the maximum damage of all champions in this game, but he alone couldn’t save the day for KDM. Vladimir was a very bad choice against Gnar on the top lane, as he was outmatched on all fronts. This resulted in, him being the most disappointing champion in this match. Raise didn’t seem to be much comfortable with Kha’Zix, and he missed numerous ganking opportunities. For JAG, Ryze and Gnar were the one, who carried the game for the team. Teddy’s Kalista was well fed, even having the highest creep score in the match, but he was never required to carry. Maybe, Jarvan IV or Zac would have been more suited for Raise, but JAG had made it sure to put them on the ban list on their first chance.  

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      Match Coverage: Echo Fox vs TSM (Week 2 Day 2, NA LCS)

      (This is my very first match coverage; not exactly live; but I have tried to move on from my comfort zone of passive content writing to match coverage. It may not be up to the mark, and I may have gone into too much details or my style may be bland, so I am open to all criticisms. You may comment below on this blog post or mail me at You may also leave me a message here.)

      Echo Fox line-up: Huni, Dardoch, Fenix, Altec, Adrian

      TSM line-up: Hauntzer, Mikeyeung, Bjergsen, Zven, Mithy

      The game takes place at LCS studios, California, where after the round of bans, the picture is like this. Huni, as Gangplank, would be facing Hauntzer’s Vladimir. Vladimir seems to be current favorite as top, as he is being seen repeatedly in the current season. Dardoch settles with Zac, a bit uncommon champion for him, opposite to TSM’s Jarvan IV. Fenix goes for Zoe, the newest champion in the game, who can land a huge amount of damage, as well as is a effective roamer. Altec takes Tristana, along with Alistar support. TSM’s Bjergsen, known to dominate the mid lane takes Malzahar, while Zven and Mithy settles on Ezreal and Braum respectively.


      As the game starts, Dardoch (Zac) takes the red buff first while Mikeyeung (Jarvan IV) takes on the blue senitel. Dardoch tries an early gank, and it turns 3vs1 for Mithy (Braum), but blocks the attacks and falls back to his own turret. Later, Dardoch tries to gank mid lane, but this attack on Malzahar faila too, as Bjergsen falls to his turret. Meanwhile, in the top lane, Jarvan IV threatens Huni (Gangplank) , who does fall back to his turret, but is ultimately killed by Hauntzer’s Vladimir, thus scoring the “First Blood”. Huni hadn’t anticipated Vladimir’s risky tower dive, and thus hadn’t used flash. 

      At 10 mins into the game, Hauntzer and Mikeyeung kill Huni for the second time, despite his using a stopwatch to attain invulnerability for a short period of time, but a sudden appearance of Echo Fox members cuts out the escape route of Vladimir and he falls with the kill going to Fenix’s Zoe. Meanwhile, TSM has taken advantage and damaged the bottom tower to almost dangerously low health. All of a sudden, a 4vs4 engagement occurs here, and Zoe gets Jarvan IV while Altec’s Tristana kills Mithy’s Braum. But Malzahar kills them both, scoring a “DoubleKill”, while Zac and Alistar escape, thanks to their tanky nature. On the other side of the map, Hauntzer solo kills Huni, under his tower and then takes down the tower. Thus the score stands at 3-5 at this point.

      15 mins into the game, and TSM leads by 2500 gold, with Vladimir having almost 2000 gold advantage over Gangplank. Thus, Hauntzer constantly harass Huni, and the top lane seems to be the weak spot for Echo Fox. Dardoch takes the first drake, while Mikeyeung is driven away by EchoFox. TSM takes the Rift Herald at about 20 mins and use it to take down the first middle tower, forcing Echo Fox to retreat. This leads to a 5000 gold advantage for TSM, who seem to completely dominate the early game. Echo Fox do take out TSM’s outer middle tower, while they get the mountain drake. 

      A bit of slowdown is observed at this point, with no one trying to engage in a battle. Each team tries to clear out map vision of the opponent team. Huni tries to feed on the bottom lane minions, but Hauntzer tries his best to harass him there too. Hauntzer’s Vladimir is too fed at this point of time and he didn’t had to use his stopwatch yet. Despite their advantage, TSM needs to pull out something big to win. 

      Then, TSM tries to take the Baron buff, as soon as it spawns, but they are flanked by Echo Fox. This results in Huni’s death, again in the hands of Vladimir. Thus, with the baron buff and an extra kill, serving as the topping, TSM pushes mid and take down another tower. They move to bottom lane, and take down another tower there. TSM dominates the map and jump from lanes to lanes, while Echo Fox looks for any chance to catch hold of a isolated member. Huge minion pressure on the top side leads to the fall of a tower there and now, TSM tries to take down the top inhibitor tower, with combined effort of the red minions. 5vs5 engagement occurs here, with Zac taking down Malzahar, Zven’s Ezreal takes down Alistar, Vladimir takes down Zoe, Huni hunts down Mithy, but falls to Zven. When the dust settles down, Jarvan IV and Ezreal take down the top inhibitor easily, while Zac has to retreat, being the solo alive member of his team. TSM has a 10000 gold advantage now, and clearly seems to have complete map control.

      Echo Fox slays the drake this time and tries to minimize the gold difference. Hauntzer gets caught in a 3vs1 situation again in the mid lane and though his escape looks successful at first, thanks to a well-timed flash, he is chased down by Fenix’s Zoe. Though Echo Fox has been successful in putting their strongest opponent in a death chamber for 40 secs, they are quite behind ( 7 kills against 10, 1 tower taken down against 7, 59000 gold against 67500).

      Now, TSM tries to take over the baron buff again, but Echo Fox tries to look for a way to flank. It turns into a 4vs4 engagement, and Alistar is seen trying to keep Vladimir away from the fight. But the tanky build of Mikeyeong’s Jarvan IV holds out long enough, and this results in the fall of two members of Echo Fox. Leaving the Baron for the meanwhile, TSM pushes the mid lane and take down the inhibitor tower and the inhibitor itself. But they exit soon enough to get the second baron buff, while Echo Fox hold against the wave of minions at their base. The end game looks clear now ( or is it?).

      Another 5vs5 team-fight on the mid lane leads to the fall of Adrian’s Alistar. TSM picks the Elder dragon and then regroups at the bottom lane. Team fight occurs at the bottom inhibitor tower, where Tristana kills Malzahar, but in turn is killed by Zoe. Zoe had also killed Vladimir, just before that, so Fenix gets a DoubleKill again.This unexpected result forces TSM to fall back, but Echo Fox is unable to chase them down due to the massive minion pressure on their base. They can barely hold out there, and it leads to the fall of one of their nexus towers.

      TSM falls to the baron, aiming for the baron buff again, but Echo Fox tries to round them up there. A team-fight there, leads to the killing of Malzahar, by Altec’s Tristana. Thus, Echo Fox’s assassination mission looks successful and they get away with the kill, forcing TSM to retreat for the time being. By this point of the game, Zac seems to be the one forcing engagements with the opponent, and he is quite good at forcing TSM members to use up their Flash and other defensive spells. The baron remains the point of constant pressure for both teams, when suddenly Echo Fox steps forward to get the baron. The resulting ruckus leads to Vladimir killing Alistar, while Tristana gets to shutdown TSM’s Ezreal, his first death in this game. Zac targets Vladimir and pushes him back in between the Echo Fox players, who slaughter him easily, with thr kill going to Fenix’s Zoe, who is in a rampage by now. Hauntzer did use his stopwatch to but himself a few seconds of invulnerability, but it doesn’t work in his favor at all.

      Now, with TSM two personnel down, Echo Fox takes the Baron buff easily. Then, switching to a offensive mode, Echo Fox rushes down the mid lane, but are intercepted by TSM and are forced to fight their way into the nearby jungle area, where Vladimir picks up a kill on Alistar with ease. With Alistar in the death chamber for 50 secs, TSM uses their number advantage and taked down the middle inhibitor, and focus their attention to the top one. On being chased by Echo Fox a bit, they fall back a bit. As soon as Echo Fox takes their bait and moves out of their base to push the minion wave on other lanes, TSM re-attack the top inhibitor tower and take it down. Again Zac engages the enemy to a team-fight where Echo Fox gains two kills, Vladimir and Braum. Now, with better map control, Echo Fox claims the Elder dragon. Thjs seems to be the turning point of the game, as Huni’s Gangplank with six offensive items including Infinity Blade, turns to be the main damage dealer for Echo Fox. They pick up four of the TSM players, with two kills going to Huni. 

      Echo Fox clearly dominates the game now. They run down the mid lane and take down the middle inhibitor tower on TSM side. TSM falls one by one, first Vladimir, then Malzahar, followed by Jarvan IV, Braum and then Huni claiming an Ace on Ezreal. 

      With no one to challenge them, Echo Fox takes down the blue nexus and wins the game. They have made an amazing comeback, keeping TSM engaged for enough time, till they are stronger than them. They had overcome a great gold disadvantage and early loss of turrets, to turn the tables and seige the exact winning moment. The most important role was played by Dardoch’s Zac here, timing all the engagements and feeding the other members with kills.

      With a win on this match, Echo Fox is still undefeated in the NA region with 4-0. 

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      Mobile multiplayer games are redefining the world of Esports


      The growth of Esports on mobile has the potential to transform existing PC games.

      Competitive gaming, also known as Esports, has long been seen as the domain of gamers with powerful gaming PCs and the latest consoles. But this has changed since the advent of mobile games like Vainglory, Mobile Legends, Heroes Evolved, Clash Royale and their spin-offs. With the new craze among mobile game developers to deliver a PC-quality experience for touch screen devices, the world of mobile esports is booming, as it has turned every decent smartphone-wielding into a potential competitor.

      While games like League of Legends, DoTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rule the esports airwaves, mobile games like Vainglory and Clash Royale are slowly becoming ingrained in the esports scene.

      And not only these mobile games offer gamers of all skill and commitment levels, the opportunity to display and monetize their abilities using a cell phone or tablet, they have given rise to massively popular competitions, which are on par with their pc-based esports tournaments. And this isn’t true only for intricate games like Vainglory (MOBA) and Clash Royale (strategic card game, with tower-defence mechanism), but also in casual games like 8 Ball Pool, solitaire and bowling. A number of gaming events are being held, like Mobile Esports League and ESGS, which are closing the gap between a casual gamer and a competitive serious gamer. Moreover, there are numerous platforms like Skillz, Mobile E-Sports etc. which are also trying to gain prominence by organising mobile esports tournaments.

      So, the result?? The professional Esports teams like TSM and Fnatic, are sponsoring and signing new members, to dominate these games and win a chunk of the big prize money for them. Huge esports organizations (like Team SoloMid and Cloud9) are investing, as are sponsors such as Nvidia and Red Bull. The niche within a niche has begun to attract the sort of brands that shape the industry at large.

      “Competitive video gaming has seen huge growth, and we see tremendous customer value in expanding the tournament experience to include the casual mobile games played by millions of people today”.

      Aaron Rubenson, Amazon Appstore director 

      It shouldn’t come as a surprise, either. While today’s esports stars came of age on a PC, the next generation will have grown up with a phone in their hands. It’s rapid-fire, brief bursts of entertainment for the so-called short attention span generation, as most of these games last under 20-25 mins (compared to some marathon sessions on PC esports games).

      Whether mobile esports will truly dominate the future remains to be seen. What we know now, though, is that it is a viable platform that has very high chance to succeed and possibly rival the success of the console and PC esports.

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      ESL One Hamburg 2017: What does the ‘letters’ say?

      When the eight qualifying teams reached Hamburg, they met with a sweet surprise; one Mercedes-Benz car for each team, with custom team logos. When they reached their official residence for the event, they were greated with another sweet gesture: a personalized letter for each team from the ESL management, highlighting their journey so far. Though there were other customized goodies for each individual player, this letter signified how far ESL is ready to go for its players. Are you interested to know the content of each of the letter? Well, then you can find all the eight team-specific letter below. Happy reading.😁

      Team Liquid

      Team Secret


      Evil Geniuses


      Keen Gaming

      SG esports


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      Why PUBG can probably be the Next Great Esport


      It’s no secret PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has given rise to a turbulence —the Early Access “battle royale” shooter has been raking in sales and drawing new players at an incredible rate. It climbed ahead of CS:GO in player count (over 500,000) a month ago, and then it claimed a perhaps inevitable victory: surpassing Dota 2 in terms of player count, making it the top game on Steam ( The above pic shows that it is leading by a huge gap in terms of current players).

      The PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Gamescom Invitational, conducted in August 2017, presented by Bluehole Studio and ESL was the first major tournament the game has had since its launch on Steam early access six months ago. It spanned four days, each featuring a different game mode in a Best of 3 format, with just one objective: SURVIVE.

      Though it sounds simple, but as any one of the game’s millions odd players will tell you – not so much. PUBG nails the ‘easy to pick up, difficult to master’ formula that so many esports titles have been gunning for, since this balance is not only crucial to building and sustaining a player base, but it enables the casual and hardcore fans alike to enjoy it as an esport. ( In fact, as per one of the videos released by IGN, you’re twice as likely to be stuck by lighting than win your first game of Battlegrounds).

      Combine this with some of PUBG‘s other qualities, and you get the next major esport in the making.

      1. Huge Viewership

      Before we discuss about the merits of PUBG as an esport, we should address how the game performs from a numbers perspective. While viewership alone won’t create that special formula for a  popular esport, it’s the best way to measure if one is/will be successful.

      Day one viewership during the PUBG Invitational was high because of the fan’s hype around seeing PUBG as an esport, simple as that. The 175.2k peak CCV on the main channel shows the viewership is enormous – those are numbers that many pre-existing esports league and events would be overjoyed with. Though the camerawork was erratic and the broadcast was dull, the fact that the max CCV remained well above the 100k mark throughout the event is a great sign.

      2. Spectacular Entertainment Value 

      Exploding cars, boat battles, gun fights, fist fights – there is no denying the game’s sheer recreational value. One of the main advantage of PUBG is how easy the game could be to ingest, as a viewer doesn’t need to have in-depth knowledge about the game. The game’s physics and the visuals represented are relatable, meaning that the untrained eye will be able to track what is happening and understand it at the same time.

      Once PUBG contains a fully optimized spectator mode, the options are nearly limitless: split screen fights, free-roam camera, or replays of missed action that was happening elsewhere on the map. They could have multiple broadcasts, and fans could focus on following their favourite player, or tune into the main channel NFL Red Zone.


      3. Organised Chaos

      PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not the only game in the aptly titled ‘battle royale’ (BR) genre. The creator of the game, Brendan Greene, is also the founder of the entire genre and has been at the heart of every major BR release since he created the first battle royale mod for Arma 2 in 2013.

      Although this new genre doesn’t have the symmetrical pacing of a game like CS:GO, it does have naturally occurring crests and troughs in the action that enable casters to flow between play-by-play commentary and game analysis. It has an early, mid, and late game in which players are constantly forced to conceive and alter their strategy depending on what is happening in the game. This ever-present butterfly effect is what makes the game so captivating. The game is all about weighing the odds of survival in your favour by every possible means, and that’s the reason of it being so appealing to both play and watch.

      4. Game creators’ commitment

      Though the game is still imperfect, and plagued with numerous player bugs and epic fails, by now, it is clear that community’s passion for the game is huge. And so, the PUBG team doesn’t only value their players and understand the importance of community, they wear their heart on their sleeve to such an unadulterated extent that you can’t help but appreciate their authenticity. At Dreamhack Atlanta this year, Brendan Greene was slated for one hour on the show floor to greet fans. He ended up sticking around for nearly three hours, stood in the same spot, excitedly answering questions and chatting with every player that wanted to meet him until the queue was finally at its end. Fans recognise that kind of mentality and they absolutely love it. This has already been proven by the fact, that PUBG beat it’s second place record less than a day after the conclusion of the Invitational tournament.

      Just in case, you were thinking that the idea of PUBG being a esport being far-fetched, the games’ creator, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, has himself expressed an appreciation for the game’s future as an esport:

      “I want to create spectacle in esports. I want 64 people sitting in the centre of an arena with a stadium full of people watching. And then each player has to get up and walk off [as they’re eliminated]”

      – Brendan Greene in Rolling Stone, April 7, 2017

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      Pro tips from ‘Rekkles’ : What it takes to get to the top

      Image result for rekkles

      Each gamer has this thought one time or the other: How do I become successful as a esports player in this game, that I am playing?

      Well, how about some tips from a professional player himself.

      Fnatic’s League of Legends ADC player MartinRekklesLarssen has shared his views on what he thinks are the important qualities, what we need to inculcate to become a pro.

      • First and foremost, possessing a competitive spirit is important. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun while playing the game; it just shouldn’t be your main goal. People need to think of when they want to go pro, and take the plunge with all readiness.

      “I’ve always had this competitive spirit coming from my youth with sports, I couldn’t just play for fun.”

      • Secondly, climbing the ladder shouldn’t be a goal, it should be something that just happens with the other goals. Playing the game a lot and putting 110% into every game is the first thing of ever becoming something.
      • Another important thing is to be really open minded. It doesn’t mean, you should try to play a whole lot of champions. Even when you’re playing a certain champion you can’t tell yourself you’re doing the best you can possibly do, you need to always look outside of the box and try to find new ways of playing the game. That’s how you grow the fastest, even though you might only be playing a few champions.
      • And another important thing, but usually overlooked, is learning patience. It can be used in your favour inside the game, because there are many moments where it’s really tense, like if four people died on each team and it’s one on one. If you don’t have that patience, you’re going to lose that last duel which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

      It is going to take you time to get somewhere. In fact, Rekkles himself played the game for almost two years and he was gold before he started climbing the tiers. If a player don’t have the patience to go through this phase, he would surely given up before leaving any mark.

      If you’re willing to give 110% of your time and focus, you can get anywhere. It’s not just League of Legends related either, it’s anything in life. So you really need that drive – that’s the main thing you need to be looking for. You can actually force yourself to have that drive, I don’t think it’s something you can be born with, it’s something that you almost teach yourself through life.

      – Rekkles