G-LEAGUE 2016 brackets finalized, Daigo and Infiltration not attending

The last premier event before EVO features some big names, many of whom have already qualified. And despite both saying that they would play at every premier event, both Daigo Umehara and Lee “Infiltration ” Seon-woo will not play at G-LEAGUE 2016 when it kicks off on July 7.
With the release of the event’s bracket , it’s possible to discern routes to the Top 32 for some of the pro players. Group winners advance directly to the Top 32 on the winners’ side.
While many of the groups have clear favorites — like Hajime “TOKIDO ” Taniguchi in group one, or Ai “Fuudo” Keita in group six — other groups are less clear-cut. Lee “P oongko ” Chung Gon and Hiromiki “Itabashi Zangief ” Kumada will battle for the top spot in group 11, while Masato ” Bonchan” Takahashi and Xijie ” Jiewa” Zeng will fight in group 14.


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