Streaming is obviously’s bread and butter, therefore it’s easy to see why they’re so keen on stepping up their game in this respect. They are now apparently looking to add an HTML5 video player, to make the streaming experience much smoother for their viewers. The announcement regarding this latest feature was made at last year’s Twitchcon, but the confirmation regarding the impending arrival of the player which makes use of this new technology, was only made the other day via Twitter.
HTML5 is the current standard version of HTML, and it is indeed well suited for streaming live content, having been optimized for such tasks in several ways. While the whole story is a rather intricate one, the bottom line regarding HTML 5 is that its processing models are ideal for streaming on low-power mobile devices, and indeed, these days, that’s where a sizable chunk of the Twitch viewership comes from. There are of course other features and perks included in HTML 5 that will allow Twitch to fine-tune its streaming, thus creating a much smoother experience for their viewers.
The release of the beta version of Twitch’s HTML5 technology had originally been scheduled for June 30, but to make a long story short: things just weren’t ready. The final product was apparently lacking in several key ways, therefore it was deemed “not up the highest standards”. The release has been pushed back to later this month and first a Beta version will land.
Those looking to give the new technology a try, have to register for Twitch Turbo, which – for the time being – will be the only way to access the Beta. Mind you however that it still has not gone live.
The bottom line is that despite its current woes, Twitch’s HTML5 move is definitely the future when it comes to live streaming especially in regards to gaming. It is indeed only a matter of time till the new technology goes mainstream.


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