Wings becomes a top-earning esports team after winning The International

Over the weekend, Wings Gaming took home the trophy at 2016’s The International—and with it, a hearty $9.1 million dollars. Not bad. The Chinese team won the tournament with a 3 to 1 victory over Digital Chaos in the finals.


Positioned now as the top-earning Chinese Dota 2 team, every member of Wings sits within the top 10 for highest earnings overall in esports. Wings is now the third Chinese Dota 2 team to win the The International, with the previous winners including Invictus Gaming , who won The International 2, and Newbee, who won The International 4.

Despite losing to Wings, Digital Chaos didn’t come out of the tournament empty-handed. The second place team took home more than $3 million in prize money. Evil Geniuses , who came in third, earned just over $2 million.
The total prize pool for The International 2016 ended up at 20 million, breaking last year’s record, and continues to be the highest prize pool in the esports world—topping many traditional sports prize pools as well.


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