Is League of Legends really worse than Dota2 ?? (as the elitist Dota2 veterans say)

(This article is for a common gamer out there. All of us do NOT play professionally.. And though, we want to get better in which ever game we play, we don’t aim to be an esport star).

LoL or Dota2 ??

This is something that has been raging on since time immortal (okay, since those two games came into existence). And over the years, there have been countless articles written on this subject, debating which of the two titans is better.

One of most common attitude of Dota2 players, who act like douchbags, is to ridicule LoL players by calling the game casual, kiddy, meant-for-noobs, etc. Here are some of the things what you would usually hear from them:

  • League of Legends has a worse optimized and technologically inferior engine.
  • League of Legends meta is very strict and allows for very little variation and strategy.
  • Individual skill and performance in LoL is more reliant on execution and reflexes, whereas Dota 2 is more about strategy, tactics and utility.
  • Dota 2 is a much deeper and varying game.

On the other hand, LoL players try to defend their game, though poorly.

To be honest, it simply depends on what you prefer. (But people understood it so easily, this whole article would have been useless)

Here, I am trying to prove that LoL is rather better than Dota2. (Thank me later, LoL players)

  1. League is more “newbie” friendly. Anyone who has played both the games know it. Dota2 players are less welcoming and are rather “cancerous”. On the other hand, LoL players are usually for friendly, and would welcome you to the game. (Nah, they don’t need to promote their game… LoL has an bigger base than Dota2)
  2. On comparing Skills, LoL takes the lead. The game has so much diversity between characters that playing a different hero often requires a very different mindset. Yasuo for example, has a spell that creates a wind wall in a direction that blocks all incoming enemy projectiles resulting in some really punishing team fights. Other than the uniqueness of skills, one major difference between the two games is how DOTA2’s skills level up, and deal a static amount of damage after a few levels. Some even become useless at later levels when enemies have high health pools and a skill does 300 damage. In LoL, skills share offense stats and scale with attributes. As a result, casters can do massive damage in their combos, taking out enemy caries. This attribute allows for build paths with more variation. (DOTA 2 has started introducing items that enable ability scaling as well, but LoL has had this feature from day one.)
  3. League champion abilities have smaller mana costs compared to DotA 2. The former encourages frequent use of skills and aggressive play in the laning phase, while in the latter you have to be mindful of your resources and utilize abilities strategically unless your hero has a way to regain used mana fast.
  4. Accessibility: Ask anyone who has spent time with both games and they will tell you that DOTA 2 is unforgiving. On the other hand, League of Legends is more accessible and less intimidating by comparison. In DOTA 2, the ‘denying’ mechanic and death penalty is so merciless that it is possible to leave an enemy quite useless later in the game, making things intimidating for newcomers. While recent DOTA 2 patches have tweaked things so that killing enemies with greater level advantages grants bigger gold bonuses, the core lockdown mechanic is still quite brutal. LoL is more balanced in this regard. For one, you cannot execute or deny your own lane minions, nor do you lose gold on death. While you can slow a player down, if things drag, an underperforming teammate can catch up and change the course of the match. This makes the game more fun.
  • League has faster animations in attacking, turning, moving, and using an ability compared to DotA 2, so a more fast-paced feel and gameplay is obvious on the former. Players who try both games may find the latter a bit lethargic.
  • Its a tough call whether the overall lower power cap of characters in LoL is a bad thing. It allows for some nice comebacks of a team that slipped behind earlier in the game.
  • One of the common argument, Dota2 players use is that LoL requires money to buy champions and other customizations. But, this is quite far from truth. You can buy Champions with Influence Points (IP), which you gain by playing the game. Riot rewards you quite well, and you gain IP even on losing games. Plus, there is an weekly rotation of free-to-play champions, which sort of force you to try out the new ones. (Dunno why exactly Dota2 veterans consider it bad)
  • LoL matches are usually shorter, lasting about 30 to 45 mins. But it is quite unpredictable, and you can’t say that a weaker team will surely lose, as the tides may turn around anytime.
  • Last but not the least, LoL doesn’t require less skills to play. This is downright absurd. Tell any Dota2 player to try out an game or two on LoL, and they would suck.

If you want just to have fun and relax in a game of this genre, go for LoL, you will have tons of fun. If you have group of 5 people with similar mindset – that’s even better, you’re gonna have even more fun!

(I know this article may seem incomplete right now, and I may discuss this in another post again)


29 thoughts on “Is League of Legends really worse than Dota2 ?? (as the elitist Dota2 veterans say)

  1. Rex

    This post is so cancerous… It’s not a fair comparison of the two games that the author has done. Just some cheap attempt at promoting LoL as the author himself might just be forever stuck in it.



    Creep and tower denies can play a huge role in a game. How the hell ir going to outplay or enemy if you cant deny.forgot to mention how the vast majority of items in LoL are flat stat boosters, while the vast majority of items in DotA have some sort of active ability you need to use on the right time. You forgot to mention DotA’s double damage/haste/regen/illusion buffs that spawn on the river. You forgot to mention that you can play DotA right now, while you need to grind 300 games to unlock runes and heroes in order to be able to stand a chance at LoL. You forgot to mention Flash. You forgot to mention that ganking is not worth it in LoL compared to farming. You forgot to mention that LoL has static FoG while DotA has dynamic FoG and you can do alot of cool stuff with it (abusing high ground and trees etc). You forgot to mention how LoL releases an overpowered hero every 2 weeks, everyone buys him because he’s so overpowered, then they nerf him to non-existence. You forgot to mention that DotA 2 isn’t even complete yet (still in beta, many heroes missing).
    I propably forgot to mention alot of things. But let me give you a hint. Any ‘fair’ comparisson between DotA and LoL is biased towards LoL. Because, simply, there is no excuse, DotA 2 is the far better game


    1. First of all, you have copied this whole answer from some other site. (I have come across this while researching). But it feels kinda good to see that you had to go to such an extent, just to counter me.

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      1. Anonymous

        Still no reply as to why you didnt add all this content since you “researched” it . Did you deliberately leave information out :DD?


  3. static

    I’ll like to comment on each of your points that i feel like u need to have more insight about in dota, But,before all that,
    mechanically, they are both different. In dota u dont see something like a support doing shit ton of damage. Sona especially annoyed me like anything and i believe she did for many people, but in dota, u see two supports sacrificing themselves, their levels ,their gold income to keep their cores able to defend towers and take objectives. In lol, there are 4 cores. The manner in which each game is proceeded to play is entirely different. And mechanics wise, Lol tries to make the game as less punishable as possible.
    1.I totally accept that the learning curve in dota is very big but in lol, people may not be cancerous, and this has to do something with learning the game as i will say in 7th point.
    2.I think by skills, u mean spells. There is ap/ad scaling in lol ,but like i said, this is a difference in the game,s basic mechanics. Only the heroes which are supposed to do a lot of auto attack damage with items do the damage. there are good nukes even in late game, But there is nothing known as a carry who does a lot of ap damage in dota. This makes dota more punishing, as if your your cores (midlaner and safe lane carry) fall out, its diffiuclt to save the game. And it gives more unique objectives and more counterplay options.
    3.This is just a fact u have written
    4.Yes dota is, but a game is more fun when there is a penalty, u exert more to not make mistakes and if 10 players have that mindset, that is going to be a very very good game, and all moba players want are good games. U cant call bounty system balanced or unbalanced between two games if it is of two different mechanics in terms of hero roles.And obviously, u have never seen a good dota comeback, comebacks are when the mistake done by the enemy and the mistake not done by you makes you literally grab back towards the pace of game and play a role in it again.This is where the stuff like “losing gold” helps here.
    5.The fast execution of skills in lol is done to make sure the skill hits, like u said, less punishing. In dota, although there is a cast animation for heroes to cast a spell, the mana stuff u said supports the point here. u have to be very careful about casting your spell as if u get interrrupted, u have made a mistake and its not that unforgiving as u think, there are teammates with more disables and more skills to save your day. And why u feel like the latter is lethargic is because a lot if time in dota is not done fighting,but proper farming and objective play. U take an objective while keeping the enemies busy with defending another. I have seen very less of this in lol.
    6.Same point, its to make things less punishing.
    7.Im really surprised i see a point like that, like counter play is the core of dota. In the start of lol, riot just keeps those runes and champion locked to make delays the point where u learn properly about lol fully so that u spend more time and spend more money. No matter how much i try to look out of it, i again come back to the point that riot is just doing stuff to leech money out of players. counter play is also core of lol. U may have a main, a champ u are excellent at, but as u can see, U need to be able to play a large variety of heroes to a good amount to have a good game. U cant forcefully pick a champ and someone counterpicks you ,then u cant complain about not having a good game, and picking a new hero suddenly in a match in dota is absurd if you are not a veteran and even if you are, only if u are going to play the easiest heroes suddenly. I think u cant do that either in lol, but if u can, it all the whole proves that it requires less skill and time to play champs in lol. And about IP system, seriously? Come on, we all know how stupid amount of IP it costs to play each hero and anyone with cash in hand will spend it, as they have come to lol for easier mechanics and spend less time to learn and more time to have good games, which i fell into, realizing its a trap as riot makes it so that in the beginning stages, less champs are played than the whole set and which makes it all in all they slow u down in what pace u learn the game.
    8. If enemies are dominating in dota , It just means he leaves less room for enemies to abuse his mistakes or your team makes mistakes he can abuse. Dota is all counterplay and abusing the play style of enemy, the kit of their heroes and stuff. And even slight mistakes like underestimating how much damage enemy can throw at him will completely change tide of games in dota. Its the same in lol, with more room to your own personalisation with your mains and stuff , all in all, riot just making things easier for any player.
    9.What is downright absurd is that how u said all through your points that that Lol is less punishing but in final point u suddenly declare it needs more skill. What is more punishing, requires u to make less mistakes at any point of game, requiring to concentrate and be conscious about the whole game much more. And no human can magically become fully knowledgeable about lol for their 1st two games.
    Why I tell People to go dota or no Mobas:
    And if you are not into the fun u get from playing a game where it requires u to play excellently , and precisely and u need room for mistakes ,MOBAs are not the place you go to. If u feel like going casual, going to moba is a mistake cause you suddenly cant get good at this game and focus like a ninja in assassination. But still, when u start to have good games where u are making less and less mistakes and enemies do that too, its more and more fun and that is what well all want, a good game.
    I Will 100% bet that there are more places where mistakes can be made in dota than lol. mentioned it yourself in the point about spells and their mana costs, all in all advancing how much u can have a good gampelay.
    I dont want to discuss about the esports scenario of this as u haven’t said anything about that here.
    I see how majority of Lol players are casuals as u can see that yorick becomes the most played and yasuo becomes the least played suddenly in one single patch just because the champion is powerful in that meta. In dota, u may see a lot of stuff like that, but u just cant suddenly take and play a hero who became powerful this patch, even before u may even start playing him like how he is supposed to be to, he will get nerfed. Everything feels like a elaborate plot to suck money from players from riot without staining their balance and true goal, or im just being paranoid. Even if i am, Its a simple fact that Lol is less punishing, has less no. of places where u can do mistakes and less amount of counterplay than dota. All in all, Lol prefers the no. of players playing rather than the amount of skill and concentration needed to play, and i cant say anything other than saying this is just for money.


  4. Disclosed

    Totally agreed . There are majority of the dota 2 fanboys . Trying to the game is better than league of legends . Well let them try . League players don’t defend cause when someone is higher than you people start hating you 😉 . So have fun and play your game. Let the fanboys burn . Fanboys I hope your game comes first in next 100 years ;). #peace

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  5. static

    I think the author ignores to read my big comment so here is something i just wanna say out of all the points in that big essay.What is downright absurd is that how u said all through your points that that Lol is less punishing but in final point u suddenly declare it needs more skill. What is more punishing, requires u to make less mistakes at any point of game, requiring to concentrate and be conscious about the whole game much more. And no human can magically become fully knowledgeable about lol for their 1st two games.


    1. Contrary to what you think, I found your ‘big’ comment quite interesting and educative. I am just waiting, to reply back when I am free. Anyways, kudos for your efforts.


      1. Thanks for the reminder, man. And I surrender. So, you win. Each of us are entitled to express our own views, and I won’t argue on that. I really don’t have time for arguments. Sorry


    1. I have played both the games, and honestly, I didn’t find anything disappointing in LOL.
      If you love Dota2, it doesn’t necessarily mean you would have to hate LOL.


  6. As much as I disagree with some of what your wrote, this is your blog and you are entitled to your opinion. Decent write-up though and respect where respect is due. Well Done.
    Anyone who is willing to try and grow esports is okay in my book.
    Keep it up!

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  7. grotesque_figure

    What was your MMR in Dota? Anyone below 5k only understands the game at a very basic level.

    LoL is extremely easy compared to Dota. I reached Diamond in 4 months 5 years ago whereas it took a year and vast replay analysis and theory crafting to achieve the equivalent in Dota. I recently started playing LoL again and managed to achieve Gold 1 in about 30 games (including normal matches). Note this was the first time playing again in 5 years, so I had forgotten 99.99% of things and was basically a complete beginner.

    I have played much of both games. LoL is so inferior it is laughable. Dota does 99% of things better. The only things LoL does better is skins, a smoother and easier learning curve, and having reaction speeds and aiming integrated into combat.


    1. I guess that I made it clear with the disclaimer at the top. This post was made for the casual competitive gamer, not for a pro like you 😉 [Moreover, just 1% of the Dota 2 players are above 5k MMR, so you say just these “elites” understand the game?]


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