Pro tips from ‘Rekkles’ : What it takes to get to the top

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Each gamer has this thought one time or the other: How do I become successful as a esports player in this game, that I am playing?

Well, how about some tips from a professional player himself.

Fnatic’s League of Legends ADC player MartinRekklesLarssen has shared his views on what he thinks are the important qualities, what we need to inculcate to become a pro.

  • First and foremost, possessing a competitive spirit is important. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun while playing the game; it just shouldn’t be your main goal. People need to think of when they want to go pro, and take the plunge with all readiness.

“I’ve always had this competitive spirit coming from my youth with sports, I couldn’t just play for fun.”

  • Secondly, climbing the ladder shouldn’t be a goal, it should be something that just happens with the other goals. Playing the game a lot and putting 110% into every game is the first thing of ever becoming something.
  • Another important thing is to be really open minded. It doesn’t mean, you should try to play a whole lot of champions. Even when you’re playing a certain champion you can’t tell yourself you’re doing the best you can possibly do, you need to always look outside of the box and try to find new ways of playing the game. That’s how you grow the fastest, even though you might only be playing a few champions.
  • And another important thing, but usually overlooked, is learning patience. It can be used in your favour inside the game, because there are many moments where it’s really tense, like if four people died on each team and it’s one on one. If you don’t have that patience, you’re going to lose that last duel which you wouldn’t have otherwise.

It is going to take you time to get somewhere. In fact, Rekkles himself played the game for almost two years and he was gold before he started climbing the tiers. If a player don’t have the patience to go through this phase, he would surely given up before leaving any mark.

If you’re willing to give 110% of your time and focus, you can get anywhere. It’s not just League of Legends related either, it’s anything in life. So you really need that drive – that’s the main thing you need to be looking for. You can actually force yourself to have that drive, I don’t think it’s something you can be born with, it’s something that you almost teach yourself through life.

– Rekkles


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